Photo d'un habillage végétal d'une installation techniques

Installation cladding


Some technical installations, although essential, are sometimes unsightly. Thus the outer ducts, the columns or technical rooms become a real headache to dress and this is where the plant comes into play!

As a real development solution, the plant will dress all your constraints whatever the exposure, the dimensions or the nature of the support.

Photo avant le projet d'habillage végétal d'une installation techniques

Artificial plant cover

Particularly suitable for dressing outdoor technical installations thanks to its UV resistance and very simple maintenance, artificial plants provide a disconcerting realism solution and a controlled budget.

Photo après le projet d'habillage végétal d'une installation techniques

We support since the project study phase through visual projection, custom manufacturing and installation

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Installation Végétal Tendance
Réalisation Végétal Tendance
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Square Stage


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  • Cable passage

    "Urban Jungle" atmosphere with this technical installation covering in artificial plant hangers: bluffing!

  • Exterior

    Opt for a sustainable solution, without constraints with a stunning rendering thanks to artificial plants

  • Pillar

    This annoying pillar becomes the support of a nature creation without maintenance indoors and changes completely warms the atmosphere of this pharmacy

  • Storage

    Storage door covering in stabilized natural vegetal foam ouy how to bring a "green touch" in an office by optimizing available space

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Réalisation Végétal Tendance