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Végétal trend offers you a wide choice of stabilized trees and plants to decorate your interiors .   These natural plants have seen their sap replaced by a biodegradable glycerin. Results ? They no longer require maintenance, while retaining their aesthetic qualities: color, flexibility, freshness.

Trees and
stabilized plants


100% natural

Stabilized plants are natural plants whose sap has been replaced by biodegradable glycerine.

0% maintenance

Stabilized plants do not require any maintenance. No more watering, pruning and fertilizing.


This natural plant decor creates a soothing and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy green spaces effortlessly.

Stabilized trees

Palm tree, olive tree, eucalyptus... We produce custom stabilized trees for a unique decoration. We use a natural trunk that we enrich with stabilized leafy branches.

Majestic, the stabilized tree has a strong plant presence, requiring no maintenance.


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Stabilized plants: our process

Stabilized plants


Green plant, ball on stem, grass, shrub... Stabilized plants take various forms to dress your interiors. Offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, agencies... Decorate your premises with maintenance-free natural plants, for pleasant and welcoming spaces.

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Stabilized plants

Our process


State of play


Installation & maintenance

We take stock of your expectations and your space

We offer you a pack including plants and pots.

We install the plants and set up a maintenance contract.

Want a changing decor? 

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