Photo d'un panneau accoustique proposé par Végétal Tendance en Suisse


The comfort of employees in a workspace is a priority for many companies having understood the impact of the latter on the feeling of well-being but also productivity.

Mindful of these issues, Végétal Tendance offers a range of plant elements that are particularly effective in reducing noise pollution, allowing teams to work in a pleasant environment.

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Acoustic improvement

The density of the vegetation covering the partitions makes them a major asset against the propagation of noise pollution, thus considerably improving comfort at work.

We have a wide variety of elements that can be installed in wall mounting, hangers, on furniture to improve the sound comfort of your space.

By choosing Végétal Tendance to support you on your acoustic improvement project, you will find a solution combining:

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

All while bringing nature into your interior

Living plant separation not only brings a design and natural touch to your workspace but also has the enormous advantage of playing a role in the purification of the area, the regulation of the temperature as well as the humidity rate.

We ensure the maintenance of the natural plant separation in order to preserve all its freshness.


Végétal Tendance cercles acoustiques

In the stabilized natural version, plant separation becomes the most efficient solution in terms of acoustic improvement.

Sober and elegant, it also has the advantage of requiring very little maintenance.

Although 100% natural, it does not require watering or exposure to natural light.

Available in different finishes, all sizes


Photo d'une parroie végétale accoustique proposé par Végétal Tendance en Suisse

Allowing the best results to be obtained from an acoustic point of view, phonic ceilings also have the advantage of providing a solution with no footprint.

The design and elegant rendering of the acoustic ceiling also allows nature to enter your space in an original way.

PHONICS ceiling

Photo d'un plafond végétal accoustique proposé par Végétal Tendance en Suisse

Made up of stabilized natural plant foam, the sound sphere is not only a trendy and natural decorative object but also an important asset in reducing noise pollution in your workspaces.

Available in several sizes and several finishes.

  S PHONICS sphere

Photo d'une boule mousse acoustique

The phonic plant totem is a self-supporting and space-saving element that reduces noise pollution in your offices or meeting room.

Its sober and design aspect makes it particularly suitable for all types of decorations.

Create to measure, we adapt the dimensions and colors to your wishes.

  PHONIC totems

Photo d'un Totem végétal acoustique

The soundproofing of the office makes it possible to preserve the intimacy of the collaborators in a restricted workspace.

Without additional grip on the ground, it is placed directly on the desk.

Its modern and vegetal design make it a popular solution for office furnishings.

Photo d'une cloison de séparation végétal entre deux bureau

PHONIC separations

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