Photo d'une tableau végétal naturel vivant dans un bureau en Suisse



Surprising, the vegetal paintings open a breach in your interior space which exults an advantageous nature. Depending on your needs and your spatial constraints, choose from the available frame sizes and finishes, in accordance with your decor.

Simple manual watering

Immediate effect of plants

grown in greenhouse

Regulates the rate


Feeling of

well being

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Végétal tendance acoustique mur végétal

Acoustic attenuation

Purifies the air


Végétal tendance isolation mur végétal

Regulates temperature

Gives velor

to your good

Sizes available

Végétal Tendance taille tableaux naturel

Frame colors available

Végétal Tendance couleurs cadre

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