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Tableau végétal vivant


An attractive decorative solution, requiring little maintenance, promoting well-being and concentration, the living natural plant panel acts as a real window to the outside.

By regulating the temperature, it creates a pleasant and harmonious indoor environment.

Living painting

100% natural and ecological

Feeling of

well being



Very low maintenance


custom made

Humidity regulation

Ouverture naturelle

Experience an authentic connection with nature thanks to our living plant paintings, a captivating opening for your interior.

Our products, carefully cultivated in a greenhouse, offer you a total immersion in nature, thus strengthening your well-being.

Choose from a range of frame sizes and finishes to suit your interior design, to create a harmonious space that meets your spatial needs and constraints.

Well-being accessory

The plant painting, a true concentrate of nature, is the perfect accessory to beautify your interior without encroaching on your floor space. Indeed, it offers a compact solution to bring a refreshing touch of greenery to your home.

Thanks to their depolluting and well-being virtues, the plants which compose it purify the air and help to create pleasant and welcoming interior spaces, conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation.

In addition to being true allies for your daily well-being, our plant paintings are also elegant decorative elements, adding a touch of naturalness to your interior decoration.

We use the Vertwall® greening system indoors, of which we are the official partner in Switzerland

Dimensions of plant paintings
Végétal Tendance couleurs cadre

The water flows at all levels, the system operating in a closed circuit. The reservoirs always contain a certain amount of water available for the plants. These are located in culture pockets. The pockets are equipped with a wick, allowing the plants to draw water by capillary action. This allows a real saving in water : they will seek their strict need for water and there is no discharge. The watering being automated, there is no water supply to be expected. All you need is a water supply and an electrical outlet to plan the installation of a green wall.


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Our process

State of play


Installation & maintenance

Reliable process
Reliable process
Reliable process

We take stock of your expectations and your space.

We create your design and validate your project together.

We install your panels and possibly set up a maintenance contract.

Living painting

Local plants

To garnish our plant tables, we have chosen short circuit supply.

Thus, the plants that we include in our plant tables come from local horticulturists.

This makes it possible to encourage the work of nearby companies while limiting the impact on the carbon footprint.

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