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Plant logo & signage

The logo is the symbol of your brand, it reflects your products or services, your values ​​and your state of mind. With a plant logo, you convey the image of an authentic, natural and committed company.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

We are working on your IT or manuscript project. You choose the type of plant to use. A multitude of colors and shapes are available for your media. Simple and precise installation.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Opt for Nature originality!

Plant logo

Without watering or light

100% natural and ecological

Original green branding

Very low maintenance

Unique and tailor-made creation

your identity

Chez nous, nous prenons en charge votre projet, que ce soit sur support informatique ou manuscrit.

Vous avez la liberté de choisir le type de végétal qui convient le mieux à votre identité.

According to your desires

A wide range of colors and shapes is at your disposal to personalize your support. With a simple and precise installation, your plant logo will be ready to embody the originality of your company, in perfect harmony with nature.

Plant logo

We use the Vertwall® greening system indoors, of which we are the official partner in Switzerland

The water flows at all levels, the system operating in a closed circuit. The reservoirs always contain a certain amount of water available for the plants. These are located in culture pockets. The pockets are equipped with a wick, allowing the plants to draw water by capillary action. This allows a real saving in water : they will seek their strict need for water and there is no discharge. The watering being automated, there is no water supply to be expected. All you need is a water supply and an electrical outlet to plan the installation of a green wall.


Our process

State of play


Installation & maintenance

Reliable process
Reliable process
Reliable process

We take stock of your expectations.

We offer you a suitable solution and validate your project together.

We will come and install your logo and offer you a maintenance contract if necessary.

Adapté à vos envies

Custom creations

We offer two types of logos: lettering inlaid with plants or full lettering on a plant background. We take care of the creation of letters and plant integration.

In terms of plants, we offer various mosses and natural stabilized or high-end artificial foliage.

Whatever the configuration (suspended, front, wall or freestanding ...), you have only one interlocutor for the whole of your project.

Do you have an interior natural green wall project?

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