Photo d'un logo végétal réalisé par Végétal Tendance en Suisse

logo and signage


Personalize your image by enhancing it with 100% natural stabilized plants! We will work on your IT or manuscript project. You choose the type of plant to use. A multitude of colors and shapes for your PVC, wood, aluminum support. Simple and precise installation.

Opt for Nature originality!

Enhances your brand image in an original way

Brings a touch of nature

in your space by reinforcing your "green" side

Unique manufacturing and


Photo d'un logo végétal installé dans les bureaux d'une entreprise Suisse

3D Nature Logo


The use of natural stabilized plants in the reproduction of your logo allows to obtain a very design and modern 3D rendering while remaining 100% natural.

It is the relief of the different varieties of plants that operates to the delight of the eyes of your employees and visitors.

By entrusting your plant logo project to Végétal Tendance, you have the assurance of not having to deal with a single interlocutor in charge of the overall nature of your project, from the design through the realization to the installation.

Végétal Tendance création logo végétal



Entrust us with your plant logo creation project from A to Z!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We take care of the creation of the lettering and its integration on a plant background whatever the configuration (suspended, on the facade, on the wall or free-standing, you only have one contact for the whole of your project.

Photo de l'installation d'un logo végétal réalisé par Végétal tendance

Some examples of the realization of a plant logo in background or filling of lettering and shapes in all dimensions, in natural stabilized or artificial plant

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