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Tableau végétal mousse boule


Stabilized plant round frame

Une décoration qui ajoute une touche de verdure naturelle à vos intérieurs, procurant un sentiment de bien-être, le tout nécessitant très peu d'intervention.

Offrez-vous une fenêtre vers l'extérieur esthétique et durable.

Without watering or light

100% natural and ecological

Feeling of

well being



Very low maintenance


custom made


Discover our stabilized plant panels, a solution without maintenance or watering, ideal for spaces with little lighting or without windows.

Thanks to their specific design, these green frames do not depend on sunlight.

Enjoy their exceptional durability, providing several years of green enjoyment at an economical price. Optimize your interior space with this practical and durable option

Natural elegance

Transform your living room or work space with our preserved plant painting, a refreshing invitation to nature indoors.

Mosses, foliage and flowers combine harmoniously to create green and elegant ambiances.

Enjoy the peace of mind offered by this maintenance-free solution while adding a touch of sophistication to your decor.

Végétal stabilisé

We use the Vertwall® greening system indoors, of which we are the official partner in Switzerland

The water flows at all levels, the system operating in a closed circuit. The reservoirs always contain a certain amount of water available for the plants. These are located in culture pockets. The pockets are equipped with a wick, allowing the plants to draw water by capillary action. This allows a real saving in water : they will seek their strict need for water and there is no discharge. The watering being automated, there is no water supply to be expected. All you need is a water supply and an electrical outlet to plan the installation of a green wall.

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Our process

State of play


Installation & maintenance

Process fiable
Reliable process
Reliable process

We take stock of your expectations.

We offer you a pack including plants and pots.

We install the panels and possibly put in place a maintenance contract.

Vegetal Trend creation of stabilized table

Custom made, by hand

All our paintings are made to measure and by hand in our workshop near Nyon.

We select our plants from our closest suppliers and create each piece uniquely.

We also manufacture frames in different materials and colors for perfect integration into your environment.

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