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At Végétal Tendance, nature is sacred… Preserving the environment is a daily struggle. We collect the best of the vegetable kingdom, thanks to a natural process, non-aggressive for the treated plants. We offer them eternal life - or almost! : it is the process of stabilized. This scientific breakthrough allows us to gently extract the sap from many plants to replace it with a 100% natural compound that freezes its state, at the peak of its flowering.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The works obtained from plants and mosses, frozen at the zenith of their growth, require no maintenance, no watering, no special exposure to daylight. A safe investment, a glamorous choice for your interior ambience desires.

Does not require special light exposure conditions or temperature.

Mur végétal stabilisé


Mur stabilisé

Discover our stabilized natural green walls.

An invitation to a limitless natural world ,

a domestic ecosystem of timeless beauty.

Thanks to this artistic fusion between human creativity and flora, it is now possible to enjoy the benefits of greenery inside our spaces, without the maintenance hassles associated with living plants.

Source of Well-being

100% natural & ecological

Without watering or light

Acoustic attenuation

Ecological process

At Végétal Tendance, nature is sacred…

We collect the best of the plant kingdom, thanks to a completely ecological process: stabilization.

This scientific advance allows us to replace the sap with a natural biodegradable vegetable glycerin.

The stabilized plants then no longer require maintenance, while retaining their aesthetic qualities: color, flexibility, freshness.

Easy maintenance

Durable, stabilized green walls are a safe investment, an elegant choice for your interior environments.

Maintenance-free, they invite nature into pleasant and welcoming spaces. The stabilized green wall does not require light or special temperature.

No need to have a green thumb, as stabilized plants have no substrate, there is no need to water or prune.

A stabilized green wall indoors

Geneva plant decoration

Artificial plants
of superior quality

Stabilized vertical wall

Wall decoration
maintenance free

Mur végétal stabilisé

Enriched finishes

Very realistic, high-end artificial plants take up all the details of a natural plant. Indoors or outdoors, the artificial green wall can be installed anywhere. It has UV protection, eliminating any risk of bluing. Our walls combine bouquets of foliage in multiple shades of green. Certain plants bring a touch of color to brighten up the composition and adapt to the colors of a brand image.

Without substrate or watering system, the artificial green wall does not require any maintenance. There is no need to prune, water or add fertilizer. We forget the green thumb in favor of a 100% green and easy-going decor. Ideal in spaces open to the public or in locations that are difficult to vegetate, the artificial green wall can take many forms. Square, rectangular, rounded or personalized, it adapts to each situation.

Végétal Tendance offers various more or less bushy and colorful finishes. This green background is animated by other foliage, to create a unique atmosphere in your spaces. Large exotic leaves, flowers or variegated foliage adorn the vegetated background. The wall can be embellished with a logo to highlight the brand image. In a strip or on an entire wall, it brings a touch of green for a pleasant space.

Custom made
Solution responsable


Do you have an idea, a project or would like to obtain information?


Mur végétal stabilisé

Magnificent plant carpet with different dimensions, the natural finish is used for the wall backgrounds. It allows you to create original designs.

Mur de mousse

Stabilized green wall

Ball foams have very good sound absorption, they can vary in diameter and thickness. 3D relief assured. Allows you to create a magnificent plant design. Businesses, craftspeople, communities, manufacturers, health professionals, restaurateurs or hoteliers, whether you are a small or a large structure, Végétal trend supports your transition to green!

Mur de mousse

Stabilized green wall

Lichen's fire-retardant and sound-absorbing properties provide an authentic experience of gentle connection with the environment of the northern forests. 16 colors are possible (color chart) Companies, craftsmen, communities, manufacturers, health professionals, restaurateurs or hoteliers, whether you are a small or a large structure.

Mur de lichen stabilisé

Stabilized green wall

Mixed base of flat moss and ball moss with enrichment of stabilized fern, barba, eucalyptus plants.

An elegant rendering with two possible distributions:

Homogeneous or in motion

Mur végétal stabilisé avec des fougères et des mousses

Stabilized green wall

The mix of all the different essences of moss, lichen and stabilized foliage allows you to play on reliefs, shapes, colors and volumes.

Mur végétal effet jungle

Stabilized green wall

This finish offers the densest finish of our collections.

It is also the one that comes closest to a living natural vegetal finish

Mur végétal foisonnant

Our process

State of play


Installation & maintenance

Reliable process

We take stock of your expectations and your space.

We offer you a suitable design and validate your project together.

We install your walls and possibly set up a maintenance contract.

Fireproof solution

Safety first

Our stabilized and artificial green walls are specifically treated to comply with the European standard NF EN 13501-1, thus ensuring optimal fire protection.

This standard plays a crucial role in defining the reaction to fire classification of all construction products, and at Végétal Tendance, we take it very seriously. Every product we offer undergoes rigorous fire safety testing by our trusted partner, Efectis.

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