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Anti-noise plant wall: reducing noise pollution with plants

Today, we are constantly exposed to noise pollution. This noise has an impact on our health and can be the cause of certain disorders. To combat this, there are several acoustic solutions such as the green wall. How does it work? Explanations.

Mur végétal stabilisé

Which green walls should be chosen for sound absorption?

There are two solutions for plant walls: the living plant wall or the stabilised plant wall. These walls must be of a certain height to have a real positive effect on nuisance.

The living wall of plants

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a living green wall provides a certain acoustic comfort. The plants of a living green wall will be able to absorb sounds thanks to their number and size. The sounds will be partially absorbed, contrary to a classic wall where they bounce back.

Stabilised green wall

The ball moss and other foliage on the stabilised plant wall will partially muffle the sound and reduce noise pollution. The more moss there is, the greater the absorption. Other materials such as stabilised lichen also act as an insulator. The result: employees can work in peace.

The noise-reducing plant wall: a tailor-made decorative asset

In addition to creating acoustic comfort, the noise-reducing plant wall is an aesthetic solution that makes spaces pleasant and welcoming. It can accommodate a range of different plant shapes and colours for a unique result. Our anti-noise plant walls can be customised (horizontal strip, unique shape, logo, etc.) and can be adapted to any environment. Majestic, authentic and decorative, the plant wall takes up no floor space and can be installed anywhere: reception hall, break room, offices, etc.

Where to place a green wall to improve acoustic comfort?

Green walls can be installed in both small and large spaces. They can be placed in corridors, offices or meeting rooms for example. It is important to place living walls near a source of light to ensure the growth of the plants. Stabilised walls can be placed in the shade, but should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Alternatives to green walls

Acoustic plant separation

Plant screens are a solution if you want to create a more pleasant working environment for your employees. Our plant partitions are easily adjustable and allow you to design the space to your liking. In a waiting room or near the office, the plant partition helps to gain privacy and allows exchanges with other employees, especially in open spaces. We have several types of partitions: the natural living partition, the stabilised partition made of plants and wood and the artificial partition. We also offer acoustic partitions that can be fixed directly to the desk.

The sound panel

The stabilised plant panel is maintenance-free and does not require watering or special exposure. The mosses that are present on the composition, with their relief, succeed in drowning out noise pollution.

The phonic spheres

sphères phoniques

Hanging or on the ground, the spheres are made of flat foam or ball foam. They bring a green and original touch to your decoration. Small or large, our spheres exist in several dimensions.

The totem pole

totem phonique vegetal stabilisé

This decorative element made up of lichen, moss or foliage blends in with any atmosphere. The vegetation can also be placed on a column in the middle of a room, for example. This makes it possible to dress up this structure while limiting noise pollution.

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