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The Nespresso Projects: Plants reflect a committed company

For several years, Végétal Tendance has been working with Nespresso to green its points of sale. The Swiss company invites nature into the heart of its boutiques. Discover how these green jewellery boxes bear witness to its commitment to the environment.

colonne végétale Vegetal tendance Nespresso
Pedestal Planter from Stabilisat Premium Collection - Smooth

Two companies with Swiss DNA

plantes stabilisées vegetal tendance nespresso
Flower box with stabilised plants - Chur

Nespresso was founded in 1986 and is a 100% Swiss company. Conception, packaging, marketing - everything happens in Switzerland. Nespresso relies on a highly qualified workforce to guarantee the quality of its products. Excellence and a spirit of innovation are also applied in the research and development departments. The three production sites create jobs and support the local economy. All coffee capsules sold worldwide are manufactured in Switzerland.

For its part, Végétal Tendance has been working throughout Switzerland for over 10 years. Plant walls, pictures, green logos, plants... All our work is made by hand in our studio near Nyon in the canton of Vaud. We are keen to keep production close to our customers in order to maintain a certain level of ambition and to promote short distances.

Plants: a reflection of Nespresso's values

mur vegetal tendance nespresso
Stabilised Plant Wall Premium Collection - Aarau

Beyond the aesthetic aspect and the well-being of the plants, the use of plants makes it possible to communicate the values of a company. It is therefore only natural that Nespresso has chosen plant-based design solutions. Nespresso is B-Corp certified, one of the most demanding certifications in the environmental and social field. For example, Nespresso promotes recycling and introduces capsules made from 80% recycled aluminium. The company has also reduced CO2 emissions per cup of coffee by 24% in ten years. Recycling, greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable agriculture... These are all commitments that matter to consumers. It is important to find these commitments also in the atmosphere of a shop.

A 100% natural green oasis for recycling boxes

mur végétal nespresso
Stabilised Plant Wall Premium Collection - Geneva

The recycling boxes for the capsules, which can be found in the boutique, are embedded in a plant jewellery box. For this, we have created stabilised plant walls from the Premium Collection. Stabilised plants are completely natural, but require no care. They are plants whose sap has been replaced by biodegradable vegetable glycerine. Through this process, the plants are frozen in time and no longer require fertiliser, light or pruning. Yet they retain their colour, freshness and suppleness. An ideal solution for those who seek naturalness without restrictions.

The premium collection for a high-quality image

At Végétal Tendance we offer six different collections of stabilised plant walls. Some consist only of mosses and lichens, while others insert foliage. This is the case with the Premium collection, which shows only foliage. A moss background creates an opacity, it is completely covered by different leaves. Ferns, ivy, pittosporum, eucalyptus.... We mix shades and shapes to create a play of relief-like textures. The stabilised premium vegetation wall comes closest to the aesthetics of a living wall, thanks to this beautiful, generous and lush density of plants.

Plants that make sense

Banana and coffee trees in hydroponics - Flon

In several outlets we have placed living plants that have been grown in hydroponics. These plants were not chosen at random! The coffee trees are reminiscent of Nespresso's raw material, the plant that produces the precious coffee beans. In some shops, like in Flon, they are accompanied by banana bushes. These plants with their large leaves bring a touch of the exotic. Reminiscent of the tropical flora of coffee-producing countries, they have a strong vegetal presence.

Die Wahl der Hydrokultur

plantes en hydroculture nespresso
Hydroponics or growing plants in water

Hydroponics has the advantage that the plants are easier to care for. This is because they are placed in a substrate of clay balls that are soaked with water and nutrients. This extends the watering intervals and the plants gradually draw all the necessary resources from the soil. This keeps them fresh and green all year round. This solution is suitable for professionals who cannot pay constant attention to their plants, but still want an optimal result. We offer maintenance contracts that include watering, pruning and fertilising once a month.

Our latest project: a plant column in Glatt

colonne végétale stabilisée nespresso glatt
Pedestal Planter from Stabilisat Premium Collection - Smooth

At the heart of Glatt's Nespresso is a plant column. Végétal Tendance is working on dressing up technical installations so that they become an asset once they are planted. Ducts, pipes, columns, electrical panels... Interior spaces are sometimes cluttered with necessary but unattractive installations. That's where plants come in! In this shop, the column has become a central point of decoration. Covered with stabilised foliage, it gives off a luxuriant natural look. A real island of freshness, a condensation of nature, like a walk in the forest.

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