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Geneva green wall : in the heart of Pont Rouge's administrative offices

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Creation of stabilised acoustic plant walls

Végétal Tendance is a team of professionals who will accompany you throughout your project. Plant wall, picture or wall: these plant decoration concepts are mastered by our experts.

The stabilised wall: an asset for companies in Switzerland

Plants as a winning strategy for well-being at work

Le mur végétal est un phénomène tendance à l’heure actuelle en Suisse. Élu best-seller chez Végétal Tendance, il s’est créé une place importante auprès des entreprises. Souvent associé à un souci de décoration d’intérieur, le mur végétal stabilisé est aussi facteur de bien-être. Offrir un sentiment de bien-être au sein du lieu de travail est devenu une notion importante pour assurer une meilleure productivité. En effet, le végétal contribue à changer le rapport au travail des salariés, le bureau étant souvent perçu comme une zone de contraintes et de stress.

En optant pour la végétalisation, l’entreprise choisit de donner un ton original et créatif à l’espace de travail. L’aménagement de l’espace est alors simplifié : par exemple, les bureaux en open-space sont séparés par des cloisons. Optimiser l’espace permet de le valoriser.

Focus on Geneva: a controlled brand image

One of the main challenges for companies is to attract new employees. This is the choice made by this company in the Pont Rouge district of Geneva. Integrating the plant dimension indoors appeals to the public because it reflects a positive image, concerned with the environment and well-being. The environmental value shows the ability to give meaning to a responsible activity.

Controlling the budget is not an aspect to be neglected for any company. The stabilised green wall is an advantage because it requires little maintenance, which means more comfort. The team only visits once or twice a year for touch-ups such as dusting or replacing plants.

Pont Rouge project: greening of offices

A large-scale project in Geneva

Pont Rouge, a new urban centre in Geneva, integrates the well-being of everyone at the heart of its strategy. As a result, the administrative offices have chosen to install a series of stabilised walls inside to improve their comfort. These walls are essentially composed of moss, ferns, ivy and gypsophila.

This large-scale project consisted of cladding the walls in strategic locations such as places where people interact, including corridors and meeting rooms. Thanks to these walls, the employees work in a pleasant and welcoming environment, which allows them to perform well. The result of this performance is the reduction of noise pollution caused by the stabilised wall. The foam acts as an insulator as it muffles the sound, unlike a conventional wall where the sound is not retained and is diffused.

Moreover, the presence of these plant walls becomes a breath of fresh air in the face of an exterior that sometimes lacks nature. In the administrative offices of the Pont Rouge in Geneva, we have kept this chic and design atmosphere with the Elegance model. As its name suggests, it offers an elegant and homogeneous look. These made-to-measure creations provide the desired immediate effect: surprise.

A maintenance-free green wall in Geneva

The stabilised green wall is a process called "stabilisation". The plants that make up the wall have given up their plant sap in exchange for a natural biodegradable glycerine. Thanks to this process, the plants maintain their colour, freshness and flexibility. These stabilised plant walls no longer need to fulfil the conditions necessary for natural plant walls such as exposure to light, watering or a particular temperature.

In the entrance hall, we inserted a lichen wall with the logo in the background. This wall is remarkable and welcomes the public as it should. For the common areas, we installed the Elegance model. In all cases, the wall separates two separate rooms: it improves auditory comfort.

Installation and maintenance of the green wall

One of the characteristics of the stabilised wall is that it does not require maintenance. The team only removes dust or replaces certain plants once or twice a year.

The installation of the stabilised wall is made easier because the team has previously prepared wooden slabs in its workshop in Switzerland. They then fix them to the wall and fill them with plants so that the public cannot see the plates. This type of installation not only saves time, but also ensures that the installation is quick and trouble-free.

Do you have a green wall project?

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