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Green wall Lausanne: the Tibio project

The stabilized green wall or vertical garden is the solution to create unique and warm atmospheres. Format, design, color, these elements make it stand out and provide a feeling of well-being to users. Let's discover the green installations at Tibio.

The stabilized green wall in Lausanne: for a sustainable and sound decoration

Tibio's offices benefit from a stabilized green wall from the Elegance collection. The plants on the wall will play a crucial role because they will help reduce noise pollution. Ball moss and other stabilized foliage will muffle sound, unlike a classic wall where sound bounces. The density of foliage will have an effect on sound pick-up because the more foliage there is, the more sound is absorbed. The wall will also provide a feeling of well-being for employees and visitors because they will enjoy a natural, trendy and original decoration. The advantage of stabilized plants is that they retain their original appearance of the living plant without requiring any maintenance. No need to have a green thumb.

Focus on the Tibio project, in the canton of Vaud

Specializing in biotechnology, the Tibio company has decided to breathe new life into its spaces by installing green layout solutions. These solutions have the advantage of beautifying rooms and providing a feeling of well-being for employees and visitors. Concerned about the environment, the Tibio company has opted for stabilized plants as well as plants in hydroculture.

We have installed a stabilized green wall in part of the offices. This wall, from the Elegance collection, consists of ball moss, ivy, fern and candy. It stands out with its different shades of green. Clumps of candy lend a bountiful look while ferns lend lush style. Ball foams in a light green color enhance the composition. This layout brings a touch of greenery and elegance to the interiors and has an influence on the acoustics.

We also installed a stabilized plant strip. Smaller and fuller than the wall, this strip stands out with small touches of yellow. The color yellow, synonymous with dynamism, brightens up the composition. The rounded eucalyptus leaves and a green-gray color give an effect of movement while bringing a new shade of green.

A plant board stabilized in foam has been installed in a meeting room. Entirely made of ball foam, this table reduces noise pollution and brings an aesthetic touch to the room.

The stabilized green partition: an alternative to the green wall

As functional as a classic partition, the plant partition allows you to structure spaces while embellishing rooms. Modular, our stabilized plant separations are ideal for creating peaceful corners. We have several models such as partitions integrated into the furniture, partitions in the form of shelves or partitions in stabilized plant and wood. All our partitions are customizable like that of Tibio.

We have installed a plant separation directly in the furniture. It is placed at the front of a storage box. The partition was placed in the reception to decorate, separate the room and reduce noise pollution. One side of the plant partition uses the premium finish which has a high density of foliage while the front of the partition is more refined with the Elegance finish. This side of the partition hosts the company logo at the entrance hall. The foliage surrounds the logo which is positioned in the center of the composition. The insertion of the logo allows it to be recognizable and to convey a natural, positive and environmentally conscious image. Red and yellow baby's breath slip into the composition to add radiance.

Green plants: vector of well-being

Tibio's desire was to invite nature indoors in order to enjoy green, warm and welcoming spaces. In the open space, we have installed live potted plants. These plants are grown in hydroculture which space the waterings over time. This location is strategic since it is a room with a lot of employees and therefore a lot of movement. Green plants, appreciated for their depolluting properties, will be able to absorb the gases emitted via their roots and redistribute them as oxygen. The installation of these living plants brings a certain physical comfort with the improvement of the quality of the air: regulation of the temperature and the humidity. According to the Cardiff University study, the presence of plants improves the productivity and creativity of employees. We installed plants like dracaena and a spathiphyllum. These plants are characterized by dense, glossy foliage. The dracaena brings a touch of color thanks to its variegated leaves of yellow and green. Spathiphyllum lends charm to the room with its large, shiny, lance-shaped leaves.

Bespoke green walls

All our creations are customizable with different types of foliage, the addition of flowers or a logo for example. The juxtaposition of several species gives movement to the wall. Preserved flowers such as baby's breath can be added in small touches to add color and enrich the composition. Once the wall is installed, we proceed to an enrichment of plants to obtain a unique and harmonious rendering.

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