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Green wall: tailor-made vertical spaces

The green wall or "green wall" is a solution if you want a design and ecological decoration. Inviting nature without having a green thumb is now possible. Discover the advantages of green walls.

What is a green wall?

The green wall is an indoor or outdoor surface that will be covered with a multitude of living or non-living plants. This vertical garden has several advantages: aesthetic, takes up little floor space, reduces noise and requires little maintenance.

Where to install a green wall?

In general, the green wall is installed indoors or outdoors. For the living wall, we only perform indoor installations. We recommend installing it indoors close to a light source to ensure good plant growth. The stabilized wall can also be placed indoors, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and should be kept away from rooms with humidity. The artificial green wall has the advantage of adapting both indoors and outdoors: it is not afraid of UV rays, which eliminates all risks of bluing. Green walls are ideal for spaces open to the public (shopping center, hotel, store, restaurant) even if other configurations are possible (living room, private terrace).

Why install a green wall?

Dressing your interiors with a green wall represents a real opportunity for the company and its employees. Each wall has many benefits.

The living wall

The main advantage of the living green wall is to improve air quality and regulate humidity levels. The different plants that compose it will capture harmful gases via their roots and redistribute them in oxygen. This depollution will have a positive effect on the health of employees and visitors who will be exposed to healthier air. In addition, the presence of green plants would act on the well-being of employees by reducing, for example, the level of anxiety. They will be able to concentrate more and work with confidence. We have installed a living wall within Credit Europe Bank. This green wall offers a warm, natural and welcoming environment for employees as well as for visitors. This development communicates the environmental values ​​that the bank wishes to share. The living green wall at Végétal Tendance requires very little maintenance thanks to an automatic watering system. The plants are placed in pockets which are installed in trays. A water tank placed at the bottom of the wall will distribute all the water and the necessary nutrients (liquid fertilizer) to the plants in the tanks, which makes it possible to space the waterings over time. We offer a maintenance contract to prune and enrich the plants.

The stabilized wall

The stabilized green wall makes it possible to develop spaces while reducing noise. Thanks to the moss which constitutes the base of the wall and the stabilized plants, the emitted sound will be partially absorbed and will not rebound like on a classic wall. This acoustic property represents a major asset for large spaces such as open spaces where noise is omnipresent. Employees will be able to gain confidentiality and tranquility as in the offices of the Pont Rouge district. We have installed stabilized walls in places favorable to exchanges: offices and corridors. These facilities allow you to enjoy a designer and natural decor. The stabilized walls are maintenance free, which allows you to control your budget and enjoy a durable decoration. In fact, stabilized plants have given up their plant sap for biodegradable glycerin, which freezes the plant over time and allows it to retain the aesthetics of a green plant: color, freshness and flexibility. We offer several finishes for stabilized walls with varying densities of foliage. Our custom stabilized walls can use the company colors or add the logo. Annual maintenance is necessary to replace plants and remove dust.

The artificial wall

The artificial green wall is the guarantee of a trendy and maintenance-free decoration: there is no substrate or watering system. The purpose of the artificial wall is to add greenery, to improve the vis-à-vis or to hide installations that we do not want to show. We choose top-of-the-range plants in order to obtain a rendering as true as nature. Our plants are essentially made of PE or textile materials. With UV protection, the artificial wall is less likely to deteriorate because the plants are not afraid of humidity. It is also possible to integrate a logo to highlight the brand image. The artificial green wall is also a security for places that are difficult to green, such as restaurants, because it prevents any contact with food. We have dressed artificial walls from floor to ceiling in the Taratata restaurant. The dressing of the place creates a unique, chic and stylish atmosphere. At the customer's request, we have inserted white flowers to brighten up the composition. Outside, on a facade, the artificial wall is also a way to attract customers inside your store. The plant is getting noticed and seducing more and more.

How to install a green wall?

For the living wall, the first step is to fix the metal structure to the wall. Inside are bins where the water will circulate. We then add green pockets with a wick in the trays to cover the entire surface.

For the installation of the stabilized wall, we prepare beforehand in the workshop wooden plates on which we juxtapose the plants. Once the plates are prepared, it's time for delivery and installation. We fix the wooden plates to the wall and then we carry out the final touch-ups.

The artificial green wall is also easy and without constraints. Flexible, it can be installed on any type of support. As with the stabilized product, we prepare the plants in the workshop then we staple and fix to the wall using wooden plates once there.

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