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Greening large spaces: zoom on the Outlet Shopping Center in Aubonne

The plant is now a key element of interior decoration. On the floor or on the ceiling, it adapts to any space and offers a welcoming and pleasant environment. Artificial plants decorate the spaces, which makes it possible to change the decoration regularly without the slightest care. Discover our project for the Outlet shopping center.

Ivy garlands in the shopping center in Aubonne

Maintenance-free plants: what are they?

A maintenance-free plant is a plant that requires no effort: watering, spraying, repotting ... will be just old memories. The advantages of these plants are that they are easily transportable, they do not require handling (therefore no task) and they enjoy a long lifespan. Artificial and stabilized are two possibilities for maintenance-free plants. For the Outlet mall, we chose high-end artificial plants for their durability, ease of use and aesthetics.

The stabilized or the artificial: which one to choose?

Stabilized plants are very popular because they are natural plants whose plant sap has been replaced by a biodegradable glycerin. This will freeze the plant over time and allow it to retain the aesthetic appearance of a green plant: color, freshness and flexibility. The plants will be installed in tubs or pots and decorated with mulch for a clean and elegant look.

Artificial plants, more and more realistic, have the advantage of adapting to all environments: outdoors, indoors, in the shade or in full sun. They allow you to quickly change the appearance of a decor and do not require care: no need to water, prune, repot, etc. These plants are ideal for concealing technical installations or for complex arrangements such as ceilings. ...

The Outlet shopping center

Unmissable place in Aubonne, the shopping center is known for the sale of major brands offered at reduced prices. Modern and bright, this space radiates a welcoming and warm atmosphere where guests feel good and come back. It is in this prestigious setting that Végétal Tendance has brought a touch of nature.

The high-end artificial plants of the shopping center in Aubonne

The Végétal Tendance team was responsible for decorating the spaces using several types of plants. We opted for ivy garlands, green lines and trees such as beech.

On the ceiling, we installed artificial hangers which, with their textured foliage, harmoniously match the orange garlands. They bring freshness and light. At Végétal Tendance, plant hangers can be attached to different supports: ceiling, wall, structure, furniture, etc. Artificial trees such as beech, in addition to being a decorative asset, are the illustration of a company that cares about good. -being of its customers and its image. The beech is remarkable for its oval, green and bushy foliage which echoes the suspensions of light. Its tergal leaves offer an elegant and chic appearance.

Where to install artificial plants?

For this shopping center, we have chosen to install plants in strategic places: near entrances / exits and escalators. It is impossible to miss them and they are appreciable during the transition between the different floors. The artificial ivy wall serves to bring light on the escalator side and the shop side, it creates a jungle and restful atmosphere in front of the seats to take a break and relax. Artificial plants find their place everywhere indoors. They adapt to each situation to meet your demands.

Why install maintenance-free plants?

The presence of plants influences our well-being. In addition to being aesthetic, plants have a positive effect on morale. This makes it easier to release stress and have a good time. The shopping center has opted for plants in order to make this shopping experience more pleasant for visitors.

Inviting nature indoors also means standing out from the competition and making an impression. Plants do not go unnoticed in a covered place with heavy flow of passages. Few brands have integrated plants both on the floor and on the ceiling. We offer a wide variety of species to decorate your interiors.

Who says shopping center, says high traffic and possibility of damage. Our facilities are designed to withstand the passage of visitors. The mulch at the foot of the plants is resinated for a cleaner finish that stays in place. Our trees on the ground are placed so as not to interfere with movement.

Plant rental: what does it consist of?

It is now possible to renew your decor as you wish thanks to a rental contract. Végétal Tendance takes care of the maintenance and change of the plants. You have nothing more to think about. This replacement can be strategic for spaces open to the public who wish to change according to seasonality, for example.

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