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Indoor live plants

Living plants are an essential element of interior decoration today. Sometimes flowery or with tropical foliage, they create a real indoor garden. This natural touch improves the feeling of well-being in the office or at home.

plantes vivantes hydroculture

Why install green plants?

plantes vivantes intérieur

In addition to bringing a touch of aesthetics, green plants clean up spaces. On a daily basis, we are confronted with internal and external sources of pollution. Plants, known for their depolluting properties, will have a positive effect on health. They will regulate the ambient temperature as well as the humidity level. Through their roots, they will capture gases and redistribute them into oxygen. The result: fresh and healthy interiors.

Installing plants indoors is the best way to convey a natural and positive image of the company. Live plants attract the attention of visitors and employees, especially when they are in large numbers (on a green wall) or in an atypical setting (painting or plant logo). It is also an opportunity for the entity to communicate on its committed values. Live plants act directly on the well-being of employees since they reduce stress. According to one study, the insertion of plants in a work environment would lead to a 37% reduction in tension and stress. A workspace with green plants also has an influence on the quality of work because employees are more creative and productive.

Mixing business with pleasure is now possible with living plants: they will help reduce noise pollution. For example, a green wall can stifle sound waves unlike a classic wall which sends them back.

Where should live plants be placed?

plantes retombantes

On a shelf, in a waiting room, on the corner of the office, green plants adapt to any surface. By their number or their shape, they manage to create unique and soothing atmospheres. The location of live plants can vary: close to a light source for some or in the shade for others, it depends on the species.

How to maintain green plants?

Who says live plant, says maintenance. Watering, adding fertilizer, spraying, are repetitive and painful tasks. At Végétal Tendance, we offer maintenance contracts so that we have nothing to think about. Our live plants are grown in hydroculture which greatly facilitates maintenance by spacing out the waterings.

Our selection of living indoor plants

The big plants

Monstera deliciosa

Trendy, this spectacular plant is a must in the jungle trend. Recognizable by its large cut leaves, the monstera brings a touch of exoticism to interiors. It requires good light but no exposure to direct sunlight.

Ficus cyathistipula

This bushy plant is ideal if you want to structure spaces. Thanks to its dense foliage, it hides the view and provides peace of mind. The ficus cyathistipula brings light and comes into its own when placed against a light background.

Strelitzia nicolai

Nicknamed the bird of paradise, this majestic plant is recognizable by its large, tall foliage. This plant requires a bright exposure without direct sun at the risk of burning the leaves.

Colorful plants

Aglaonema freedman

This plant is recognizable by its variegated and slender foliage. For some species, the Aglaonema freedman sports colors such as red, white or even yellow. Placed on a corner of the desk, this little plant makes spaces warm.


Of tropical origin, the anthurium brings a touch of color to spaces thanks to its red, white or pink (heart-shaped) flowers. This elegant plant requires a bright spot to thrive.

Sansevieria trifasciata

Recognizable by its fleshy and pointed leaves, the sanseveria is an ideal graphic plant in small spaces. This plant adapts easily to interiors because it tolerates drought.

Hanging plants

Philodendron scandens

philodendron scandens pot

A classic of interior decoration, the philodendron is distinguished by its ornamental, drooping foliage. This plant has the advantage of settling in a pot or in suspension. Suspended, it will come to dress the walls with its drooping vines and hides parts to be concealed while in a pot, it brings a beautiful plant density, ideal for decorating workspaces.

Pothos aureum


Recognizable by its mottled or mottled green foliage, pothos is a plant that grows very quickly. This plant brings light to interiors and makes them more pleasant. Pothos is known to remove carbon monoxide (heating, electrical appliances) and formaldehyde (carpets, cigarette smoke).

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