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Indoor plants without maintenance: a green and autonomous decor

To have beautiful green plants all year round, everything comes down to maintenance. At Végétal Tendance, we have thought of everything! For those who don't have the green, we offer you solutions to decorate your interiors effortlessly.

Topiaires stabilisés
Stabilized topiaries

Houseplants without maintenance, vector of well-being

Plantes artificielles bureau
Office artificial plants

Indoor plants are an unavoidable element of decoration today. They dress up the spaces and allow you to create different atmospheres (pure, modern, exotic, etc.). There are three types of maintenance-free plants: live plants, stabilized plants and artificial plants.

Live plants have a positive effect on health because they purify the air and regulate the humidity level. They will capture the gases via their roots and redistribute them into oxygen afterwards. Filtration of gases makes it possible to enjoy fresh and healthy interiors, which helps to prevent the appearance of certain diseases.

As aesthetic as living plants, stabilized plants will also provide users with a feeling of well-being. Natural, these plants harvested at the zenith of their growth make it possible to create harmonious and unique decorations. As for artificial plants, they provide a modern, trendy decoration all year round without requiring the slightest care.

All these plants make everyone feel better at home or in the office. They decorate interiors while making them convivial and structured. Indeed, installing houseplants without maintenance makes it possible to delimit spaces, especially if you choose plants with dense and textured foliage or original models such as planters or shelves.

Where should the plants be placed?

Any live houseplant should be placed near a window or in a bright room. There are of course exceptions because some plants tolerate darker rooms.

Stabilized or artificial, they adapt anywhere indoors: on the ground, suspended or even on a shelf. However, care must be taken that stabilized plants are kept away from direct sunlight and damp rooms.

Indoor plants without care, it is possible

living plants

Our live plants retain their green appearance because they are grown in hydroponics. This process makes it possible to space out the waterings over time. To do this, they should be installed in pots/trays filled with clay balls. The plants will then draw the necessary water and nutrients (liquid fertilizer) via their roots. This system saves you time.

Stabilized plants

Jardinières de plantes stabilisées
Planters of stabilized plants

Stabilized plants are 100% natural plants that require no maintenance. They gave up their plant sap for biodegradable glycerin which allows them to freeze in time. Thus, they retain color, suppleness and freshness like a living plant. All you have to do is enjoy a green and modern decoration.

Artificial plants

Our artificial plants are high-end plants that imitate living plants with great realism. They are essentially made of PU or textile materials, which makes it possible to obtain a matte or even satin finish depending on the species. The advantage with these plants is that they can be installed indoors and outdoors. They create new atmospheres depending on the species.

Our selection of maintenance-free plants

Végétal Tendance offers you a multitude of maintenance-free plants to dress up your spaces as aesthetically as possible. Made-to-measure, the plants make it possible to create unique and designer atmospheres.

living plants


This plant with long dark green leaves brings an exotic and luxuriant touch indoors. Regardless of the surface, kentia gives character to rooms.

Dracaena lemon lime

This plant is characterized by its variegated foliage of green and yellow. Bushy, it will brighten up your interiors and make them more welcoming.

Sansevieria cylindrica


This succulent plant is recognizable by its thick and fleshy leaves. It brings elegance and style to spaces.

Stabilized plants

Topiary and shrubs


Topiary is used to structure spaces and provide privacy. They are recognizable by their geometric shape (round for example). They can be placed in a planter for a design and authentic effect.

Olive Tree

An emblematic tree of the Mediterranean, the olive tree creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Imposing and majestic, it stands out from the competition by offering a real tree indoors. His particuliarity ? Its trunk is entirely natural, as for the foliage, these are stabilized and therefore 100% natural.


Séparation végétale
Plant separation

This plant is distinguished by its long, thin foliage. Used in separation, it is an ideal solution to gain peace of mind.

Artificial plants

Our artificial plants are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. There is no risk of blue staining on the outside as they have UV protection.

Ficus benjamina

A tropical plant, the ficus is one of the trendy and popular indoor shrubs. Decorative, it offers dense foliage and is available in different heights, to adapt to all spaces.


Do you want to enjoy your terrace away from prying eyes? Bamboo hedges are a solution to gain peace of mind. Their dense and long foliage makes it possible to break the view and decorate with style.

L'oiseau du paradis

Plantes artificielles oiseau du paradis
Bird of Paradise Artificial Plants

This plant is characterized by its large shiny leaves and its very colorful flowers reminiscent of a bird's head. This plant brings a touch of color and exoticism to your rooms.

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