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Indoor stabilized green wall: Roche Bobois projects

The stabilized indoor green wall offers a maintenance-free indoor green setting. The centerpiece of the decoration, it brings a strong vegetal presence thanks to its leaves and mosses. Discover our nature and design projects for Roche Bobois.

Mur vegetal stabilise en interieur a crissier
Stabilized green wall with Elegance finish

The indoor stabilized green wall: what is it?

The interior stabilized green wall is a vertical wall covered with stabilized plants. The latter are natural plants, the sap of which has been replaced by non-toxic biodegradable vegetable glycerin. This unique, totally ecological process allows the plants to be frozen over time. That is, they no longer require any maintenance: they do not need water, light and nutrients. However, stabilized plants keep all their aesthetic qualities: suppleness, freshness and color. The stabilized green wall is an ideal solution to enjoy a real indoor garden, without having a green thumb.

Unique plant creations

mur vegetal stabilise fougere et lierre
The stabilized green wall: it improves the acoustics

The green walls invite a nature that is sometimes designer, sometimes lush. With this type of layout, you stand out and convey green values. Each green wall is unique and specially created for our customers, in our workshops in Switzerland. We take stock of your desires, the location of the wall, the desired atmosphere and your brand image. With all these elements, we offer you a personalized creation and your image, to green your interior decoration.

Roche Bobois: a long-standing customer

Scandinavian, oriental, refined, colorful, cubic, cozy, futuristic ... The Roche Bobois style never ceases to evolve in line with the trends and creativity of its designers. Chic, daring and remarkable, these high-end creations bring a real art of living around decoration and indoor furniture. It is in this unique setting that Végétal Tendance has had the pleasure of bringing a touch of nature indoors.

The indoor stabilized green wall from Roche Bobois to Crissier

Mur vegetal stabilise dans une boutique roche bobois
Green wall accompanied by the Mah Jong collection

The Roche Bobois store in Crissier benefits from a green wall with an Elegance finish. The base of the wall is made up of ball and flat mosses, enhanced by numerous foliage. Pittosporum, eucalyptus and ivy leaves reveal a pretty palette of textures. The stabilized thistles bring design and roundness to the whole. The tufts of barba and amaranth give a more abundant aspect to the green wall. All these plants are balanced to form a true harmonious and easy-going garden.

The stabilized green wall inside Roche Bobois in Geneva

mur vegetalise stabilise indoor
Lighting and plants: the design combo

The La Roche Bobois boutique in Geneva also has a green wall to highlight its furniture. Always in an Elegance finish, this wall is distinguished by the shades of green of its foliage. The eucalyptus leaves offer a round silhouette and a green-gray color. In the same hues, the bouquets of ferns bring a lush style. They blend with the soft green of tree ferns and barbas. To enhance the ensemble, ball mosses and amaranths are adorned with a bright and luminous green. This green setting constitutes a welcoming and soothing plant decoration.

A fresh and zen atmosphere

mur vegetal et palmier stabilise
The green wall and the stabilized palm tree make up a lush nature

In a boutique, it is important to create an atmosphere in which customers feel good. The interior stabilized green walls open the horizon to vertical gardens, fresh vegetation and verdant mosses. This green setting offers a unique experience that visitors will not forget. It associates a brand with a natural, authentic or even committed image. The products are highlighted by this condensed nature inside.

Where to install a stabilized green wall?

For Roche Bobois, we have chosen to install the green wall in the heart of the store. It serves as a cozy plant background on which the designer furniture sits. In Geneva, the green wall highlights geometric lighting and reflective shelves. It is accompanied by stabilized palm trees in pots, to reinforce the exotic nature side. In Crissier, it is a green decor with furniture with oriental, futuristic or refined accents. The stabilized wall finds its place inside: reception hall, shop, hallway, ceiling ... It adapts to each situation to meet your expectations.

No maintenance for the stabilized wall

Installation of the wall in the Roche Bobois store in Crissier

The big advantage of the stabilized wall is that it does not create any stress. Thanks to the stabilization process, the plants do not need light or a water tank. Without an irrigation system, the green wall is created on a wooden plate which is directly attached to the wall. Without substrate or soil, the stabilized green wall is not at risk of being affected by pests. A green thumb is not necessary! No more watering, pruning and fertilizer, you don't have to worry about your plant decor. You just have to avoid direct sun and excessive humidity. To ensure long life for the green wall, Végétal Tendance offers a maintenance contract. An annual passage is planned for dusting the plants and possibly changing some foliage.

A made-to-measure plant composition

Depending on the location of the wall, we take care to free the lower part of the foliage. This makes it possible to place furniture nearby without risking damaging the leaves. It is possible to play with the distribution of the plants to create a moving finish. Preserved flowers can be integrated into the wall, for a touch of color and elegance. Driftwood liana pieces can also brighten up the ensemble. Authentic and knotty, they enhance the natural appearance of the wall. Finally, logos and signage easily find their place on the interior green wall. They convey healthy and enthusiastic values.

The entire Végétal Tendance team will be happy to discuss your greening project. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

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