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Plant partitions: a natural and well-being solution

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Nowadays, green is increasingly taking hold in the office. This is the choice made by many companies, especially in large open-plan spaces. These collaborative places are economical but can impact the well-being of employees. Find out how plant partitions have a role to play.

séparation végétale  vivante bureau
Living plant separation in the office

What is a plant partition?

Its primary function is to delimit space. It is a solution that promotes both exchanges and collaborative work while maintaining individual spaces. As efficient as a standard partition, the green partition reduces noise pollution and improves acoustic comfort. The moss as well as the other plants of the partition will isolate the sound emitted by the various devices. The density of the vegetation represents a major asset against the propagation of noise pollution. Conclusion: its action against noise reduces headaches and stress. Plant separation can take several forms: plant partitions, shelves or even planters. You are free to make your choice.

Why integrate a plant partition?

In addition to its acoustic property, the plant partition improves the well-being of employees. The presence of plants creates a more pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. It influences the quality of employees' work by promoting concentration and creativity.

Integrating plants into companies is a considerable asset since it improves the brand image and also attracts new talents who now include it in their criteria. For companies, this is the opportunity to show that they are committed to environmental issues. As for the attractiveness of future employees or even partners, revegetation, an element of differentiation, brings people together around common values.

Finally, plants play a role in the health of employees. Green plants have depolluting properties that improve air quality. They absorb the toxic gases emitted (paints, varnishes, carpet, furniture) and transform them into oxygen.

Where to install a plant partition?

Terraces, reception halls, open space, meeting room ... Our team adapts to your projects.

The living plant partition

The living partition fits indoors. As seen previously, it can take several forms: shelves, decorative pots, or even a vertical garden. Among all its configurations, you can integrate, for example, drooping houseplants such as ivy, pothos or eucalyptus. Our partitions are tailor-made which ensures a design and atypical decoration. At Végétal Tendance, we make your job easier while dressing your interior.

The stabilized plant partition

The stabilized partition should be placed indoors as stabilized plants fear direct exposure to UV rays and humidity. Its location is crucial to maintain a lifespan between 5 to 7 years although this can be extended if annual maintenance is carried out. No maintenance is expected. The plants have given up their plant sap to biodegradable glycerin, which allows the plant to freeze over time. Finally, our stabilized partitions have the advantage of being modular, which gives you the opportunity to arrange your space according to your needs. This is one of our latest room divider designs. It is made up of two parts: the upper part with plants while the lower part is made of wood. The combination of wood and plants offers a modern and elegant result.

The artificial plant partition

The artificial partition can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. It participates in a trendy and design decoration. Indoors, it is a lasting solution to improve your space such as places where exposure is too strong to UV or places in contact with food. Several types of finishes are available to enhance your spaces. Our artificial partitions are an opportunity to highlight your brand image by choosing the format (round, square, rectangular), the insertion of the logo and touches of color. You will then stand out from the competition. Ideal for outdoors if you want to enjoy your patio away from prying eyes. Finally, our high-end artificial partitions offer a more real-than-life rendering and make it possible to hide unsightly elements.

The plant partition: a real strategic asset

We are faced with changing work rhythms on a daily basis: new projects, new recruitments or even reorganization of the space following a change in the brand. This is where plant separation comes in, since it is flexible and meets your expectations. On the terrace, in stores or even in meeting rooms, it fits everywhere. In addition, it is easily transportable, for example if you want to integrate it into your stand at a trade fair. Custom-made, the plant separation adapts to your corporate colors. You have the choice between different densities of foliage (or and orientation of structure (horizontal / vertical). In a shop ? It's possible. A shelf of plants will highlight your image and give meaning to your activity. Open-space? That's a big yes. Plant partitions are ideal for separating a meeting room from offices. Multiply them to dress up your interiors and further reduce noise pollution.

So, are you still hesitating?

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