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Plant rental: for a green and trendy decor

What if it was possible to change the decor in a snap of the fingers (or almost)? Végétal Tendance offers you the rental of plants to enhance your spaces. Let's find out.

Why choose plant rental?

The rental of plants allows you to enjoy a green, maintenance-free, long-lasting or ephemeral decoration. We have a wide range of plants (succulent plants, palm trees, shrubs, etc.) to create authentic and green spaces.

Short-term plant rental

Trade fairs, cultural events, openings... Certain moments in life, whether personal or professional, require plants and decoration. Rather than buying plants that you will not reuse, bet on renting! The plants will create a welcoming green setting for your guests and visitors. They will increase your visibility, convey green values and highlight your products. Remember to rent plants to decorate your stands and thus create a unique universe. Tropical, refined, elegant or fresh, the plants create varied atmospheres depending on the species chosen.

Long-term plant rental

We also offer longer rentals allowing the sets to be renewed regularly (every 6 months or every year). Offices, hotels, restaurants, agencies, care centres, well-being spaces… Long-term rental is ideal for all spaces open to the public, whether employees or customers. This renewal makes it possible to follow trends and breathe new life into spaces.

Do you have a business? Plants are an asset for your business because they allow you to highlight your products and your premises. In addition, they allow you to always be at the forefront of decoration trends and to show the image of a company in tune with the times.

In a hotel, plants do not only have a decorative function. They create a unique universe and give cachet to interiors. In an entrance hall, for example, plants in the form of topiary will bring a touch of elegance.

What does the rental contract include?

We offer live, stabilized and artificial plants to enhance your spaces. We also provide pots and tubs. The contract includes plant renewal and maintenance. For living plants, this involves watering them, fertilizing them, and pruning them. For stabilized and artificial plants, it is a question of dusting them and replacing certain plants if necessary.

Which plants to choose?

We provide you with our three ranges of plants: live, stabilized and artificial.

living plants

Our living plants are grown in hydroculture, which allows us to space out the waterings. They are placed in pots filled with clay balls and will naturally draw the water and fertilizer they need. Thanks to the water reserve, they never suffer from water stress and remain very green all year round. The advantage with living plants is that they improve air quality and the feeling of well-being.

Stabilized plants

100% natural, stabilized plants are plants that have yielded their plant sap for biodegradable glycerin. Thanks to this process, they retain the original appearance of a living plant with color, freshness and flexibility, but without requiring maintenance! They no longer require fertilizer, watering and pruning.

artificial plants

We use top-of-the-range artificial plants in order to obtain a rendering as true as nature. Our plants are created from PU or textile materials. Choosing artificial plants means being able to enjoy a durable, maintenance-free and modular decoration. They adapt to all environments and make it possible to create very varied atmospheres since they have no cultural requirements.

Different moods depending on the plants

Here are some examples of plants to create new atmospheres

For a jungle atmosphere

The monstera deliciosa, the sanseviera or the palm tree are references to create a tropical atmosphere. They are characterized by generous and evergreen foliage. They give this modern and exotic touch that we appreciate so much.

For a forest atmosphere

Fern and ivy are plants to use if you want to be transported into nature. Take your customers for a walk in the forest by creating a fresh and green plant universe. Also consider installing indoor trees such as beech or pine, in favor of an original and authentic plant decoration.

For an elegant atmosphere

Topiary and orchids are very popular plants because they bring a chic and refined style. Orchids are timeless, their white or colored flowers wonderfully decorate shelves and display tables. Topiary are plants carved into geometric shapes. Reminiscent of French gardens, they are sophisticated and refined.

Playing with pots and mulches

We offer a multitude of pots to complete your decoration. Tall, wide, rounded, bronze, metal,… We have various styles, materials and colors to meet your needs. Do you want to personalize your jar? It's possible ! We can take the exact color of your logo in order to be in line with the universe of your company. All our pots are embellished with a mulch (white pebbles, clay balls, bark, etc.) which provides a clean and elegant finish.

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