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The premium artificial plant wall at the Quartz Center in Martigny

The landscaper May & Bronja called on Végétal Tendance to create a premium artificial plant wall in the Quartz Center in Martigny. Covering more than 70m2, this large-scale wall is filled with foliage. A beautiful project allowing the implementation of the premium finish of the artificial plant wall. Composition of the wall, advantages, installation... Discover the project behind the scenes.

mur vegetal artificiel premium

A high quality artificial plant wall

At Végétal Tendance, artificial plants are synonymous with quality. We choose plants that have all the aesthetic characteristics of living plants. Shades of colour, veins, silhouettes... Nothing is left to chance to offer you a result that is truer than life. At the Quartz Center in Martigny, we have opted for different plants offering various shades of green to purple. Golden, bluish, copper green... Variegated, drooping, dense foliage... The many different types of foliage reflect a beautiful diversity of plants, creating a green setting. The artificial plants are made of tergal (textile material) or PE. Tergal is ideal for imitating soft, light and matt foliage. This material prevents the wall from having a fixed appearance. PE is used to imitate plants with a more satiny and upright appearance. This is the case for succulents in particular.

The advantages of the artificial plant wall

mur vegetal artificiel interieur

No maintenance

Artificial walls are maintenance-free! This is one of the main advantages of the high-end artificial wall. Unlike a living plant wall, there is no need to water, fertilise or prune. In addition to saving time, it is an option suitable for professionals. It avoids having to take turns maintaining the plants, or having to assign this task to an employee who has other priorities to manage. The only thing that needs to be done is to dust the plant wall once or twice a year, like any other decorative element. We offer maintenance contracts tailored to your needs.

Free space without prerequisites

While living plants need light and stabilised plants fear UV light, this is not the case for artificial plants. Artificial plants can be placed indoors or outdoors, in the sun, in the shade, in the rain or in the dry. Thanks to their anti-UV filter, artificial plants do not turn blue under the effect of the sun. So you can install them anywhere without any constraints!

A contained price

Artificial green walls are reasonably priced, making it easy to create a green atmosphere. Each project is unique and each plant wall is tailor-made. Would you like to know the cost of an artificial plant wall? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can send you an estimate based on your needs, your desires and your possibilities.

The premium collection for a natural look

mur vegetal artificiel feuilles

We offer three types of collections: elegance, jungle and premium. The quality of the walls is the same for all three, it's just the density of foliage that varies. The elegance collection offers a pure artificial plant wall, while the jungle collection is more dense, with several clumps of falling foliage. The premium collection is characterised by a maximum density of foliage. The bunches of leaves completely cover the plant panels, giving the appearance of a living plant wall. Végétal Tendance takes care to vary the shapes and colours of the leaves for the most natural look possible.

Brand image and values

mur vegetal centre commercial

A green wall is a design that makes an impression. It has the advantage of being durable! It lasts for years without difficulty, as the plants do not need to be changed. Once installed, it does not cost time, money or energy. The green wall creates a warm and natural atmosphere, forming a green setting. A soothing atmosphere that is ideal in a shopping centre to put visitors at ease. Thus, the green wall allows for a more pleasant user experience.

How is an artificial plant wall installed?

First of all, we take the time to discuss with you, in order to understand your expectations, your needs and your desires. We visit you on site, which allows us to take all the necessary measurements. Based on this information, we make you an offer including a photomontage and a budget. If you decide to go ahead with the project, we will create the wall in our workshop. We work with multiple plant panels, which are then assembled on site. On the day of the job, we attach the various panels to the wall and take care to harmonise the joints. The installation is fairly quick, without any disturbance and the place is left as clean as it was originally.

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