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Stabilized tree in the Khora restaurant

The Greek restaurant Khora trusted us to sublimate its room. We have installed a made-to-measure stabilized olive tree. An original layout with Mediterranean accents to create a unique atmosphere.

olivier stabilisé restaurant khora
Olive tree stabilized inside the Khora restaurant

Zoom on the Greek restaurant Khora

Located in the Eaux Vives district in Geneva, Khora invites you to experience a unique and exotic journey towards Greece and its alleys in Santorini or Thessaloniki. A burst of freshness emanates as much in the decor as in the plate. Ideal for spending a warm and festive moment, the Khora restaurant is the destination not to be missed.

What is a stabilized tree?

The stabilized plant is an efficient and effortless decoration solution. It is part of the stabilization process: the plant sap of plants has been replaced by biodegradable glycerin. Result: no maintenance necessary while keeping the freshness and suppleness of the plants. Here, the olive tree has a peculiarity since the lower part (ie the trunk) is natural while the leaves are natural stabilized. The lifespan of these plants is estimated to be 5 to 7 years although it can be extended with annual maintenance. This maintenance includes: changing and / or replacing plants and removing dust from pots / bins.

Choosing stabilized is also saving time. In most cases, we prepare the plants in our workshop in Nyon and then deliver them. Here we installed the trunk and foliage in just a few hours with no nuisance.

Finally, the stabilized allows you to control your budget because little maintenance is necessary (once or twice a year) and the decoration does not deteriorate.

Why did you include a tree in the decoration?

The stabilized tree is a real decorative asset. Majestic and impressive, this element allows you to stand out and create an unusual atmosphere because it is not common to meet a tree indoors. In this restaurant, the olive tree fits perfectly into the Mediterranean and natural decoration with materials such as rattan and wicker. The wood of the trunk creates a certain elegance and presence in the room. Indeed, the wood of the olive tree brings character with its gnarled and gray appearance. In addition, it allows to share a natural and authentic image.

The restaurant aims to be a place of conviviality, sharing and relaxation. These criteria are closely linked to the notion of well-being because plants have a role to play since they beautify a place and create a relaxing atmosphere.

As functional as a plant partition, the stabilized tree makes it possible to delimit the space. Here, the restaurant has chosen to highlight the depth of the staircase with the presence of the tree, illuminated by rows of candles.

The olive tree, the emblematic tree of Greece

The stabilized olive tree is one of the most highly rated trees because of its charm and the ambiance it creates. Timeless, it recalls the heat of the south and the islands of Greece because on most of them, it is not uncommon to see them. There are over a hundred varieties in the country.

Did you know that in Greece, olive oil is an integral part of all culinary preparations? Indeed, the Greeks are the largest consumers of olive oil in the world. The decoration of the restaurant then takes on its full meaning: the olive tree which recalls the ubiquitous consumption of olive oil in the dishes and the decor colors (blue and white) echo the alleys of Greek islands such as Santorini. These elements allow customers to live a unique experience: a trip to Greece for the taste buds and the wards.

Where to install a stabilized tree?

Like any stabilized plant, the tree should be placed indoors. Its leaves fear direct exposure to moisture and UV rays. Places open to the public (restaurant, waiting room, offices) are ideal for hosting a tree, although other possibilities are possible. From the smallest to the largest model, our trees are tailor-made to meet your needs.

In this case, we installed the tree in a part away from the tables, but clearly visible so as not to interfere with the service. It is also important that it is out of the reach of the public at the risk of being damaged.

What were the stages?

First, we carefully chose a trunk. Then, we installed it in the restaurant where we added the foliage. Finally, for the final touch, we have inserted white pebbles to hide the light beam and recall this natural and designer atmosphere. This beam makes it easier to bring the night tree to the fore.

Plant rental: a strategic asset for your decoration

At Végétal Tendance, we make your life easier. Do you want to change your decoration at a lower cost? Renting plants is possible! We offer you a minimum commitment of 12 months to renew your decoration. You choose the plants and pots from our rental range and we deliver them to you quickly. The rental agreement includes cleaning the plants so you don't have to think about anything. This rental system allows you to enjoy an unfrozen decor.

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