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The indoor plant painting: Zen and decorative atmosphere guaranteed

Do you want to modernize your interior decoration? The plant table is the solution to invite plants indoors without taking up space.

tableau mousse boule intérieur salon
Foam ball table in a living room

What is a plant painting?

As aesthetic as a classic painting, the vegetal painting is a work of art. It consists of a frame (several colors available) and plants. Atypical and design, the plant painting brings a touch of green to your space without taking up space on the ground. At Végétal Tendance, we have several types of paintings: natural, stabilized and artificial.

Uncluttered, square or even with an integrated logo, all our plant paintings are tailor-made for a result that reflects your image

Why integrate a plant painting?

Now an integral part of our interiors, the plant painting is a trendy decorative element that allows you to dress up your spaces and improve the brand image. Indeed, by installing plants, you disseminate a natural and authentic image to your employees and potential customers.

The plant and the notion of well-being are closely linked. Studies have shown that the presence of plants improves concentration and creates a certain serenity in the room. The vegetal picture is the opportunity to have a vertical garden indoors.

Finally, integrating plants impacts our health thanks to the depolluting virtues of living plants. Some of them improve air quality by regulating humidity and temperature. The plants will capture the gases emitted and then transform them into oxygen.

What type of table to choose?

The stabilized plant painting

The stabilized painting is one of our bestsellers. No need to have a green thumb: maintenance-free, it fits indoors in rooms with low light or without windows. The plants that compose it come from the stabilization process. The plants have given up their vegetable sap to biodegradable glycerin, which allows them to maintain their aesthetic quality: color, freshness, suppleness, etc.

We offer several models to meet your needs. The ball foam board is ideal for example for reducing noise pollution because it isolates the sound emitted. The higher the density, the greater the insulation will be. Tables with a high density of foliage are possible to create a tropical atmosphere similar to the jungle or the forest. Our stabilized tables are composed as follows: the bottom is in moss and on top of this we add eucalyptus, ivy or fern type plants. However, it is possible to add a touch of color with flowers such as orchids or hydrangeas. These stabilized foliage also adapts to green walls. To add a touch of authenticity, it is possible to insert driftwood into the paintings.

The living plant painting

The living natural painting is the solution to bring a breath of freshness indoors. Thanks to the depolluting plants that compose it, the spaces become more soothing and welcoming. Our natural plant paintings require very little maintenance. The plants and their soil are placed in tubs (also called cassettes) and will draw the necessary water through a felt placed behind. This principle facilitates and spaces watering over time. You can personalize the plant frames by integrating different varieties of green plants such as ferns and pothos or even integrate flowers to add a touch of color.

The artificial plant painting

The artificial board fits both indoors and outdoors. It brings a touch of green indoors thanks to high-end plants and very realism. Our plants are mainly made of PU and textiles offering a matt or even satin finish depending on the species. We choose a multitude of high-end artificial plants to ensure a breathtaking result.

The artificial painting is an alternative to the stabilized one because no maintenance is to be expected and it allows to participate in a trendy decoration. Indoors, it is a permanent solution for decorating. It adapts to all configurations: shade, light, cool room, heated room, etc. Outdoors, it is a way to capture potential customers while not going unnoticed. We have the possibility of integrating a logo in order to highlight a company and give a positive and natural image.

Where to install a plant painting?

The plant painting is installed in all indoor rooms: offices, living room, shop or even reception hall. From the smallest to the largest, we take care of the creation of tailor-made and customizable tables.

Do you have a restaurant? The artificial board is ideal because there is no risk of losing small plant debris that could fall on the plate.

What about a hotel? The stabilized is made for you. It will brighten up the various rooms, especially the entrance hall, and depending on the choice of finish, obtain an elegant and chic result.

In the office ? Live plants bring well-being and concentration to your employees.

What about maintenance and installation?

We install the plant frames quickly and efficiently. All our paintings are first made in our workshop in Nyon then we deliver them and fix them. By preparing our plant frames upstream, this reduces customer nuisance and has an immediate wow effect.

Maintenance is made easy so you don't have to think about it. If you subscribe to our maintenance contract, we take care of several tasks such as pruning the plants, watering and cleaning the cassettes.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to give you advice and discuss your project!

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