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Végétal Tendance: the specialist in stabilized plants in Switzerland

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

They combine the freshness of living plants and the ease of artificial plants. Preserved plants have it all! How does stabilization work and which species to choose? Explanations.

Jardinière stabilisée dans un hall d'accueil
Stabilized planter in a reception hall

Stabilization: what is it?

Stabilization is a process of replacing plant sap with biodegradable vegetable glycerin. Thanks to this, the plants are frozen in time and no longer require any maintenance. No more watering, pruning or adding fertilizer. Plants thus stabilized no longer need light. Stabilization takes place at the height of the plant's growth, in order to benefit from a vigorous and well-developed subject. Stabilized plants remain natural plants, they retain their aesthetic qualities: flexibility, freshness and color.

Creations made in Switzerland

jardinière plantes stabilisées
Manufacture of a stabilized planter from ivy, gynerium and papyrus

Végétal Tendance uses stabilized plants in many of its installations. Green wall, green board, green logo and signage, potted plants… The possibilities are endless to invite nature indoors without constraints. All our creations are made in our workshop near Nyon, in the canton of Vaud.

A wide range of stabilized plants


This beautiful tree offers round or elongated green-gray leaves depending on the species. There are several Eucalyptus plants in Végétal Tendance: as a topiary, as a crown of leaves or as a small bushy tree. Stabilized eucalyptus provides a beautiful vegetal density, ideal for decorating workspaces.

The Palm tree

Star of the exotic style, the palm tree seduces with its large exuberant palms. Its fibrous trunk lets emerge a generous rosette of green leaves. It reinforces a jungle and tropical decoration. Ideal in places open to the public, it has a strong vegetal presence. Stabilization thus makes it possible to enjoy an indoor tree for unique atmospheres.

The fern

It brings this abundant little side with its cut fronds. Végétal Tendance uses fern leaves in its plant creations. It can be found in paintings and plant walls, in order to bring freshness and plant density. Brazilian capillary, rock fern, parchment fern ... We offer different species of varying sizes and foliage.

The foam

They take us for a walk in the forest. The mosses invite a refreshing and luxuriant nature in the interior decoration. They form the basis of paintings and green walls. At Végétal Tendance, we use flat mousse and ball mousse. The flat variety reveals a medium green with a smooth silhouette. It is ideal for highlighting products or a logo. The ball variety is distinguished by a lighter green color and a raised shape.


Lichen has the advantage of being available in many shades. It is then possible to match it to the colors of your company, or to dare original creations. Whatever the color chosen, the lichen is used on any type of support: logo, wall, painting, plant composition ...


Small and stylish, bonsai trees convey zenitude. From Japanese gardens, they are known for their gnarled and decorative trunks. Végétal Tendance offers several types of bonsai: juniperus, parvifolia, tobira, tenuifolium. The foliage varies, as do the dimensions which range from 15cm to 70cm.


Resolutely chic, topiaries are plants cut into geometric shapes. Our range of plants stabilized in Switzerland offers subjects pruned into a ball. Composed of one to four spheres, the topiaries reveal multiple foliage: eucalyptus, pittosporum, thuja, holly or tenuifolium. These plants are ideal for elegantly decorating a reception area. They give a high-end image and go particularly well with the cachet of the old.

Végétal Tendance services in Switzerland based on stabilized plants

Preserved plants in pots

Installed in pots, stabilized plants punctuate the spaces, decorate the reception halls and dress the offices. We offer green plants, but also trees for a strong vegetal presence.

Preserved plant gardener

Jardinière de plantes stabilisées en Suisse
Conserved plant gardener at the Eaux Vives shopping center

Planters are ideal for delimiting spaces. They separate the offices from the relaxation areas, dress the center of a hall, accompany the benches for pleasant breaks ... There are a thousand and one ways to integrate them into interior design. Filled with stabilized plants, they reveal various textures and densities of foliage, for a soothing atmosphere.

Stabilized green wall

Must-have at Végétal Tendance, the stabilized green wall is a strong landscaping. It brings a strong vegetal presence and induces a welcoming atmosphere. Mosses and foliage combine for a fresh and harmonious composition. We offer different finishes for a rendering that is sometimes refined and design, sometimes abundant and jungle.

Stabilized plantframe

Like the green wall, the stabilized painting is an open window on nature. The stabilized plant paintings take various shapes: square, rectangle, round, personalized… We adapt to each situation. Leaves, mosses and flowers, we create real small vertical gardens without maintenance.

Stabilized plant partition

The stabilized plant partition is similar to the plant wall, while being removable. You can place it and move it around at will, to the rhythm of projects and teams. Its wooden structure is accompanied by stabilized plants, in order to delimit and decorate at the same time.

Logo and signage

Preserved plants are perfectly suited to the creation of logos and signage. The letters and patterns are filled with plants to convey a green brand image. Since preserved plants are maintenance free, they work well for this type of creation. Végétal Tendance mainly uses mosses and lichens to decorate logos, due to their fairly low shape.

Stabilized plant decoration

Décoration plantes stabilisées Fribourg
Decoration of a stand for BCV

At Végétal Tendance, we make tailor-made plant arrangements. Plant spheres, columns, suspensions… We use stabilized plants for your projects, even the most original!

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