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When nature invites itself to the table: zoom on the Explorit project

Today, artificial plants make it possible to reconcile the pleasure of abundant plant interior decoration with ease of arrangement. Increasingly realistic, they create unique and authentic atmospheres thanks to the different species. Discover our project in the Biotope restaurant, located in the Explorit center.

Décoration végétale sans entretien

Explorit center

Located in Yverdon-les-Bains, the Explorit center has been designed to meet the various needs of visitors: retail, health, well-being, catering, … There is everything you need. Explorit is especially appreciated for its leisure and discovery areas (with the city of sciences, exhibitions) for children and their families. We had the opportunity to green one of the restaurants in the center.

The Biotope restaurant

tableau végétal artificiel restaurant

Biotope is one of the last restaurants present in the center. This self-service restaurant stands out with a universe composed of 5 atmospheres: fauna, flora, water, air and earth. We find these elements directly in the decoration with, for example, shades of blue to represent water or wallpaper that immerses us in full immersion in the forest for wildlife. The Biotope restaurant offers the opportunity to live a unique and original experience. It is in this context that Végétal Tendance had the pleasure of bringing a touch of green.

Maintenance-free plants at Biotope

For this extraordinary project, we have fitted out the restaurant with several top-of-the-range artificial plant solutions: a wall, a board with an integrated logo, vines and lines.

At the entrance to the restaurant, we have installed an artificial plant board with logo. It allows you to bring a green and modern touch from the entrance threshold. This painting is composed of drooping stems, fern and a few bouquets of red color. Integrating the logo on a plant background attracts attention and conveys the brand's green values.

Near the buffet, we dressed a wall with artificial plants. The finish is very clean with a few clovers, white bellflowers and bouquets with large colored stems. This wall imitates spring country atmospheres.

In the rest of the restaurant, we decorated the ceiling with creepers and hangers. The lianas are accompanied by artificial plants to dress up certain ventilation ducts because these are not always very aesthetic. We used the same finish as for the artificial green wall. These vines give a jungle effect to spaces. Regarding the lines, we opted for round and textured lines. They merge with the various suspended luminaires. These plant lines provide significant plant density and give the impression of movement. In one of the rooms of the restaurant, we have also installed hanging plants. Arranged in pots, these hanging plants create a real indoor garden. We have varied the plants by using, for example, eucalyptus or philodendron which fall elegantly.

The artificial, a strategic choice for the restaurant

The choice of artificial for a restaurant is not trivial. It is preferable for this type of structure to opt for artificial in order to hide any risk related to hygiene. Maintenance-free plants are the ideal solution because they are resistant to all nuisances (steam, UV from the sun). They allow you to enjoy a warm, durable and aesthetic decoration all year round. We only use high-end artificial plants in order to obtain a realistic and elegant rendering. Our maintenance-free plants are mainly made of PU or textile materials. The restaurant can now enjoy a modern and maintenance-free decoration.

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