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Our history


A professional landscaper for 20 years, Anthony started his own business as a plant decorator by creating VEGETAL TENDANCE

Anthony Broc Végétal Tendance


Végétal Tendance becomes a company (SARL) to respond in a structured manner to growing demands


Trendy Plant

In order to meet development challenges, Anthony joins forces with his childhood friend, Kévin.

Family business


Following the COVID crisis, Anthony and Kévin created the Greenalys brand. The latter specializes in the online sale of plant paintings in Switzerland.


Concentration 100% activité design végétal intérieur, transmission de l'activité de paysage extérieur.

Design végétal


Company creation of plant paintings


Végétal Tendance is celebrating its 10th anniversary and 600 completed projects.

10 years of expertise

 Team #Barcelona

Milestone of 10 employees reached. strong technical team, maintenance, project management, marketing

Notre Équipe

Driven by a passion for plant design , our team is distinguished by a diversity of remarkable profiles . And at Végétal Tendance, that’s what we like. The varied backgrounds of each person bring a wealth of experiences which encourage exchanges and nourish our continuous learning. In addition, they breathe a dose of creativity into each of our initiatives.

Explore our team and discover the unique talents that make it up.

Anthony Broc

Anthony Broc

Since 2013, Anthony has skillfully combined his technical know-how, his ability to lead a team and his passion for his profession. Always close to his colleagues, he exudes a real joie de vivre. Outside of work, he surprises with improvised choreographies and transforms into a talented dancer.

Founding Manager, Technical Director

Jennifer Lefevre

Jennifer Lefevre

Jennifer, Administrative Assistant, brings with her 20 years of enriching experience in the field of medical care. Her organizational rigor is undeniable, and her kindness and empathy make her a valuable ally. But what really sets her apart is her incredible talent at imitating Mariah Carey.

Administrative Assistant

Kevin Lefevre

Kevin Lefevre

Ready to see your plant project take off? Discover Kévin, Co-Manager and Sales Director, who joined forces with his childhood friend Anthony in the Végétal Tendance adventure in 2019. With his expertise in management and development, Kévin embodies professional rigor while upholding the values family and team spirit.

Manager, Administrative & Commercial Director

Aymeric Thiney

Aymeric Thiney

Aymeric, our Technical Coordinator since 2022, is recognized for his seriousness. Demanding in his work, he likes quality work. Nicknamed “uncle” by his colleagues, he is known to consume up to 18 coffees a day. It is therefore with great energy that he coordinates the activities of our workshop.

Coordinateur Technique

Clement Soulat

Clement Soulat

Responsible for maintenance and upkeep since December 2023, Clément stands out for his seriousness and kindness. He ensures rigorous monitoring of our installations and takes care to maintain the appearance and quality of each of our creations over time. Passionate about photography and video, he contributes greatly to our superb visual content.

Maintenance and Maintenance Manager

Constance Claude-Braeuer

Constance Claude-Braeuer

Constance apporte une vision créative à chacun de ses projets grâce à son expérience passée en tant qu'architecte. Maîtrisant les logiciels de montage photo et de mise en page, elle sait projeter ses idées à travers des visuels innovants. Toujours souriante et désireuse d'aider ses collègues, elle apporte une dynamique collaborative à son équipe. Virtuellement ou dans la vraie vie, Constance est une férue des jeux de coopération entre amis.

“Creative” Project Manager

Valentin Donze

Valentin Donze

Valentin, Plant Decorator since November 2023, embodies professional conscience and efficiency. Resourceful and adaptable, he finds solutions to all situations with an attentive ear. In addition to his passion for plants, Valentin is a real aquarium enthusiast. He has more than twenty tropical fish to his credit. Who knows, he surely got his hands dirty to plant their aquariums!

Installation Manager, Plant Decorator

Maëlle Adobati

Maëlle Adobati

Maëlle, Project Manager since 2021, combines botanical expertise with a keen sense of customer relations. Always ready to offer her help, Maëlle stands out for her perseverance and generosity. A funny anecdote? Norbert, her hairless cat, is almost as unique as her!

“Unique” Project Manager

Sacha Donze

Sacha Donze

Sacha, our new Plant Installer Creator, brings versatility to Végétal Tendance both in the field and in the workshop. He is reliable, adaptable and friendly, qualities that make him an asset to our team. Having practiced a combat sport for years (MMA), it is however not recommended to bother him!

Creator, Plant Installer

Flavien Lefevre

Flavien Lefevre

Arriving at Végétal Tendance 3 years ago, Flavien is now our workshop manager. He excels in the transmission of knowledge, organization and pedagogy. Always in a good mood and active, he brings positive energy to our team. Be aware that if you pass by the workshop during lunch, you will find him either taking a nap or enjoying tartiflette.

Responsible workshop

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