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The moss wall: decorative and sound

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

It brings a breath of freshness indoors. The stabilized foam wall decorates without requiring special maintenance. Find out how Green Wall Type works and its benefits.

mur de mousse
Stabilized green wall in offices: mosses and foliage

Bring nature indoors

Moss is a pioneer plant that grows naturally in a variety of environments including forests on rocks and tree trunks. Integrated into green walls, it brings with it the verdant freshness of an undergrowth. At Végétal Tendance, we use two types of foams. The flat foam that gives a zen and refined style to plant creations. The ball foam, which brings relief while design and elegance. Making a wall of moss creates a green frame for a pleasant, welcoming and natural atmosphere.

Where to install a green moss wall?

Combination of flat foam and ball foam

Like all stabilized walls, the foam wall should be placed indoors. There are two things that stabilized plants fear: humidity and direct UV exposure. The indoor location is ideal and allows the wall to last 5 to 7 years. Lifespan which can be considerably extended with annual maintenance. Reception hall, office, restaurant, hotel, agency, institute, private home ... This type of interior decoration finds its place in any type of place. The foam wall does not specifically need a load-bearing wall, it tolerates any type of support: wall, ceiling, furniture, structure ...

Stabilization to free yourself from maintenance

mur de mousse boule stabilisée
Zoom on stabilized natural ball mousse

To create a wall of moss, Végétal Tendance uses stabilized plants. Completely ecological, the stabilization process consists of replacing the sap of the mosses with vegetable glycerin. The latter is a biodegradable preservative that allows the plant to freeze over time. She no longer needs water, light or fertilizer. However, it retains all its freshness, flexibility and color: it is a true natural plant! No need for a sprinkler system, water reserve or light, the stabilized foam wall requires no maintenance. We forget about this famous green thumb and take full advantage of an easy-going plant decoration.

A wall of foam as sound insulation

mur de mousse isolant phonique
A quiet space to work

Green walls improve acoustic comfort. Indeed, when a sound is emitted, it disperses in space and bounces off smooth surfaces like concrete. If it reaches a vegetated wall, it is suffocated by plants and therefore greatly diminished. The most effective plant in terms of sound insulation is ball moss. With their density, the foam sheets will absorb sound waves and provide interesting insulation. Thus, the moss wall kills two birds with one stone: it creates a vegetal decor and improves the acoustics of the rooms. In offices, it isolates meeting rooms to gain confidentiality. In the wall version, the foam wall reduces noise pollution in open spaces. In private accommodation, it isolates noise caused by the neighborhood.

Un jardin vertical décoratif

mur végétal stabilisé mousses et feuillages
Moss and foliage wall, jungle finish

There are multiple designs to create an interior green wall made up of mosses. You can bet on a facade completely covered with flat foam. This option is particularly interesting if you want to place products or a logo in front of it. It is also possible to mix the varieties of moss. The ball foam and the flat foam combine two shades of green and offer a refined look. To obtain a fuller effect, we associate the moss with foliage. Ivy, eucalyptus, parchment fern, barba, and preserved flowers such as orchids form a real small indoor garden. Another option is to choose lichen which offers many colors. In any case, this plant creation comes to dress your walls without taking up square meters on the ground.

Moss wall or chalkboard?

Stabilized moss plant boards

At Végétal Tendance, we consider green walls to be greater than 2m² and green frames to be less than this area. Whether it's a wall or a picture, we always do a side finish. The thickness of the wall is covered by an aluminum strip or by vegetation. Measuring 2mm thick, the aluminum blade is preferred for its discretion. The painting has a natural wood frame. White, black, anthracite, natural… You have the choice between different shades. The wall is fixed to the bracket, while the painting can be hung or unhooked more easily. If you are looking for an installation that can be easily moved, it is better to opt for our removable partitions.

A foam wall with logo

mur de mousse logo
Green wall lined with mosses with logo

The green wall in natural moss is an ideal green setting for placing a logo. At Végétal Tendance, we take care of creating your logo and inserting it on the green wall. Whether it's letters or illustrations, we make your logo look just like you. We place it in front of the foam wall, thanks to spacers. The latter put a small distance between the lettering and the stabilized plant. The logo can be highlighted and illuminated. Placed on its green background, your logo testifies to an authentic and natural company. Integrating plants into a logo allows you to send a message and convey values committed to the environment.

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