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mur végétal intérieur vivant


The natural indoor plant walls are vertical ecosystems living above ground whose watering is automated.

This is the most purist version of the different green walls and the one that has more advantages, not the least


These vertical gardens are completely modular according to your needs. We have a solution for each of your projects, whatever the type of support installation (wall, ceiling, self-supporting wall) and technical specificity (work at height, work on a classified site, occupied site, etc.).

Our 20 years of professional experience as landscapers are a major asset in the service of the control of the installation but especially of the maintenance of natural interior green walls. No need to have a green thumb, we take care of everything.

pictogamme plante

Immediate effect of plants grown in greenhouse

pictogamme humidité

Regulates the rate humidity

pictogamme bien-être

Feeling of

well being

pictogamme acoustique



pictogamme air

Purifies the air


pictogamme température

Regulates temperature

pictogamme up

Gives velor

to your good


schéma mur végétal vivant


Culture pocket

Water reservoir

We use the Vertwall® greening system indoors, of which we are the official partner in Switzerland

The water flows at all levels, the system operating in a closed circuit. The reservoirs always contain a certain amount of water available for the plants. These are located in culture pockets. The pockets are equipped with a wick, allowing the plants to draw water by capillary action. This allows a real saving in water : they will seek their strict need for water and there is no discharge. The watering being automated, there is no water supply to be expected. All you need is a water supply and an electrical outlet to plan the installation of a green wall.

Do you have an interior natural green wall project?

mur végétal bar

Easy plants

The plants are previously developed in a greenhouse in individual pockets. Thus, they give the possibility of being replaced, without having to intervene on the whole structure. As landscapers, we take care of the maintenance of your wall , you do not have to do any gardening. One or two passages per year allow us to keep your plant decoration as beautiful as on the first day. We offer around forty green plants with depolluting virtues for the interior.

plantes mur végétal

Clean up your spaces

Plants emit water vapor, making the air less dry. According to a study by Cardiff University, planting plants in companies reduces absenteeism by 10% , in particular by preventing ENT diseases.L productivity would be increased by 15% due to the presence of vegetable compositions. You also improveair quality . Finally, a vegetated wall constitutes a sound insulator. Between offices or meeting rooms, it reduces noise pollution .

mur végétal naturel

Natural decoration

The interior green wall is a strong decorative element that allows you to stand out. Company, restaurant, hotel, boutique… You convey an authentic and natural brand image. Thisgreen setting dresses your vertical surfaces with foliage of living plants. This small indoor garden will not leave your customers and your collaborators unmoved. These bouquets of green leaves constitute a pleasant and inspiring working environment, ideal for working serenely.

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