Photo de plantes naturelles en hydroculture proposée par Végétal Tendance en Suisse

Natural trees and plants

Végétal trend offers a wide choice of living green plants that will decorate your interiors, offices, reception, reception room.

Often used for their recognized depolluting power, indoor green plants are highly valued for their lush foliage.

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Purifies the air and regulates indoor humidity

Easy maintenance

Végétal Tendance arrosage




Great diversity of species and sizes



In fact, hydroculture literally means, culture by water

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In fact, hydroculture plants find their food in water. This makes it relatively easy to give them precise amounts of important nutrients. Plants adapt by developing other types of roots, which are able to draw enough food and oxygen from the water. These roots are less branched and have long, thin rootlets.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In hydroculture, the plant needs water less often . Depending on the variety of the plant or its location, once a month or so. Thanks to the hygrometer, we can see precisely the quantity of water needed, and also at what period.

Because hydroculture requires little intensive care, it is nowadays applied a lot in offices and public buildings .

Arrosage hydroculture

Water level indicator for easy irrigation management





Végétal Tendance racines hydro

Substrate composed of clay ball without earth

Shéma d'un système de plante naturel en hydroculture proposé par Végétal Tendance en Suisse

Classic pots

All the technique is concealed in a decorative container (1).

The culture pot (2) is placed in a container or an intermediate cylinder (6).

The nutrient solution (3), whose water level indicator (4) displays the amount present in the container, guarantees a supply of water and nutrients to the plant.


The expanded clay balls (5) serve as an anchor for the plant.

Shéma d'un système de plante naturel en hydroculture proposé par Végétal Tendance en Suisse

Custom planters

We make sure that all plants have a grow pot (1) of the same size. They will be about 2 cm from the top edge when we place them in the container (3).

We install the water level indicator (2) possibly equipped with a suction system and specially designed for large containers.

Once all the plants are correctly installed, we add the expanded clay balls (4).

Then we fill the container with water up to the optimum mark (OPT) and add fertilizer.

The choice of plants
Arbres et plantes naturels

We have a wide choice of species of all sizes and with varied foliage and densities.

Download our catalog of plants and pots

By entrusting your plant logo project to Végétal Tendance, you have the assurance of not having to deal with a single interlocutor in charge of the overall nature of your project, from the design through the realization to the installation.

Végétal Tendance Pots



After studying the level of light exposure in your spaces and taking stock of your expectations, we offer you packs including pots , hydroculture system and plants up to the possibility of setting up a contract for maintenance for monitoring your plants

Photo de différentes plantes naturelles proposée par Végétal Tendance en Suisse


Our plant & pot packs are available for hire!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


You opt for a period of 12 months and set the desired number of tournus


You choose your plants and their pots from our rental range


We deliver and install your plants


We take care of the maintenance of the plants