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Plantes cultivées en hydroculture

Végétal trend offers you a wide choice of living green plants that will decorate your interiors, offices, reception and reception rooms. 

Grown in hydroponics , houseplants stay green all year round. This cultivation technique promotes good plant development and facilitates maintenance.  

Live plants in hydroculture

plante hydroculture purifie air

Purifies the air

We choose depolluting plants for your interiors. They also regulate humidity and temperature.

large choix plantes vivantes

Plant diversity_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Take advantage of a wide range of plants with varying heights, colors and shapes. Create a unique atmosphere with adapted plants.

plantes hydroculture améliorent concentration


Plants improve work productivity by 15%. They create a soothing environment conducive to well-being.



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Want a changing decor? 

Wide plant palette

plantes vivantes cultivées en hydroculture

For this soilless culture, we have a wide choice of species of all sizes, with varied foliage and densities. Shade plants, full sun, stem, hanging, bushy, exotic... You are spoiled for choice to decorate your interiors.

hygromètre plante

The plants grow in expanded clay balls soaked in a nutrient-enriched hydraulic solution. The roots of the plants thus absorb all the elements they need. It is then easy to give them precise quantities of water and nutrient solution for a good development.

In hydroponics, the plant needs water less often . Depending on the variety of the plant or its location, the water supply should be filled about once a month. Thanks to the hygrometer , you can see exactly how much water you need, and also when.

Plants in hydroculture

Our process

état des lieux
proposition de projet

State of play


Installation & maintenance

We take stock of your expectations and the degree of brightness of your space

We offer you a pack including pots, hydroculture systems and plants.

We install the plants and possibly set up a maintenance contract.

Want a changing decor? 

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