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Mur végétal stabilisé avec boules de mousse

Creator of vegetal atmospheres

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Immerse yourself in a universe where nature mixes with design with Végétal Tendance .

Experts in creating tailor-made plant designs , we transform your spaces into a personalized green oasis.

Let us guide you towards a zen, lush and unique decoration.

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Des créations made in Suisse

Végétal Tendance is a Swiss workshop specializing in the creation of Indoor & Outdoor arrangements made from natural, stabilized and artificial plants. We have a 500m² complex near Nyon (VD) where our creative workshops and administrative offices are located. Located in the canton of Vaud , we tailor your walls, paintings and plant decoration objects. Passionate about our profession, we have enjoyed working for 17 years throughout Switzerland. Landscapers by training, we have developed various made in Switzerland solutions to fit out your interior and exterior spaces.




Fabrication Suisse

Our process

Definition of precise specifications and advice for a relevant project.

Establishment of a project notebook with visuals and a detailed offer.

Design in our workshops according to the rules of artisanal art.

Delivery and installation within agreed deadlines.

Quality monitoring and maintenance of your plants.

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Founded by a landscaping enthusiast, Végétal Tendance has accumulated solid expertise in the treatment of natural plants. In order to stay at the forefront of the market and meet the changing needs of our customers, our teams have broadened their field of expertise by adding new strings to their bows.

In addition to our natural plant offering, we are now able to provide stabilized and artificial plant solutions. By expanding our offering, we are innovating in the sector and positioning ourselves as pioneers, offering each client a personalized solution meeting their specific needs.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, we have solutions to suit all needs.

1. Natural Plant

Au-delà de son attrait visuel, le végétal naturel joue un rôle essentiel dans le bien-être. Les plantes purifient l'air en absorbant les polluants et en libérant de l'oxygène, ce qui crée un environnement plus sain et plus agréable à vivre. Dans le domaine de la décoration d'intérieur, l'utilisation de plantes permet non seulement d'embellir les espaces, mais aussi d'améliorer la qualité de vie.

Nous mettons un point d'honneur à intégrer le végétal naturel dans nos créations de décoration d'intérieur afin de procurer à nos clients des espaces qui favorisent leur bien-être physique et mental.

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2. Stabilized Natural Plant

By offering stabilized natural plants, we offer a solution to extend the lifespan of plants while considerably reducing maintenance needs.

By adopting this innovative approach, our goal is to provide our customers with a convenient and hassle-free service.

Our plant frames and stabilized natural plant compositions provide long-lasting beauty without the need for watering or fertilizer. Thanks to the stabilization technique, our plants maintain their fresh and vibrant appearance without maintenance.

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3. Artificial Plant

Artificial plants allow you to create an authentic green atmosphere, while offering a solution without any maintenance, without lighting issues and with the possibility of outdoor exposure.

In addition, our diverse variety of artificial plants (ivy, eucalyptus, fern, etc.) allow us to create dynamic designs, with realistic shadow plays and visual effects.

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